Seth van Heijster

Super Head Ball is out now!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has supported us, showed up to tournaments, provided space for tournaments, tested the game, lent controllers, laptops, and monitors, given inspiration, given feedback, suffered through

2 days to go!

I figured I'd just keep sending out reminders til Super Head Ball is out. But also wanted to mention that if you do end up getting the game (and hopefully enjoying it), it

7 days til launch!

I first started working on Super Head Ball in 2016 so pretty crazy that it's coming out in one week! Basically now all that's left to do is just to get some mates

2 weeks left til launch!

Super Head Ball is launching on Steam in exactly 2 weeks time! I'm slightly bricking it, but around 12 noon (Berlin time) on the 17th of December I'll be clicking the Release button

Super Head Ball Releases 17th Dec!

It's been a while since the last post but this is a big one... Super Head Ball will be released on Steam on the 17th of December! So if you haven't already head